Wireless headphones designed by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson also have the bull logo Brahma Bull

The rock edition headphones
The technology industry is increasingly seen as a profitable business driven by innovation. Even stars in the entertainment world also do not want to miss. The actor and former wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has just released a wireless headphone sports segment for activities in the gym called Project Rock.

Project Rock sold for $ 249 is wrapped in a dark black with a bull logo known as Brahma Bull, just like tattoos and The Rock identity while still dabbling in the world of wrestling.

Although the so-called created by The Rock apparently this product is not completely done on its own but The Rock only becomes receiving the endorsement. Wireless Headphone Project Rock is actually made by JBL with Under Armor.

JBL is well known as a leading audio device manufacturer, while Under Armor is a clothing and accessory company with sports style. Project Rock goes to the list of lineup accessories under the Under Armor brand.

On the official site of Under Armor, Project Rock is submitted to a catalog of products designed by The Rock with the brand "Chasing Greatness". These headphones use fabric and foam pads in the earpad of Under Armor.

While the metal material used and audio technology in it is made by JBL. JBL complements this wireless headphone with fast battery charging feature in just five minutes for one-hour usage.

The battery capacity of 610 mAh in full condition can be used for 16 hours and only need two hours charging time to be fully charged.

It also features a TalkThru feature that will automatically shrink the volume when users talk to others around it. The microphone in Project Rock can also connect with Siri's and Google Now's digital assistant features.


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