Elon Musk helped the victims of the cave of Thailand

Elon Musk
Through his Twitter account, Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO, says that he will be very glad if she could help 12 young adults and a soccer coach who is stuck in a cave in Thailand. If possible, he would utilize the facilities belonging to The Boring Company, other companies that his flock.

 "The Boring Company has a system of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is nice and quite well in digging holes, " Elon wrote.

In addition, the man nicknamed the Iron Man also offers assistance through facilities owned by Tesla. As is known, the company also headed by Elon.

 "I don't know if the pump power there is limited due to the electrical power source or a pump that is too small. If Yes, I can give you a fully stocked Powerpack and pump,  "tweet.

Quoted directly from the BBC, Elon was not just simply write a tweet away. James Yenbamroong, founder, CEO at once from the Mu Space, satellite communications provider origin of Thailand, said that SpaceX has contacted him to help the Government of the land of the white elephant in resolving this problem.

A statement of any such assistance approved by Musk. Via his Twitter account, he said that the technicians of SpaceX and The Boring Company will fly directly to Thailand to help the Government there. According to him, this was done because of the many complex things too complicated if not seen directly.

Until now, the victims are reported to be in excellent physical condition and regularly got food supply as well as drugs. The rescue team is still looking for the best way to remove them from the cave which is now inundated while there are fears the rain will come down again.

If the water level rises, the victims must learn to use scuba gear. In addition, there are still other options for them, i.e., wait for low tide when the rainy season ends, which apparently will take months.


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