Elon Musk will help the water crisis in the Flint water polluted containing lead

Elon Musk
Water crisis that hit the region of Flint, United States, from 2014, join drew the attention of the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk. The man known as the ' Iron Man ' in this real life, wanted to help solve the issue.

Water problems began when the local Government replaced the source water from the Flint River into Lake Huron in 2014. Flint River is a river in Michigan, United States.

That wretched, the polluted river water because it contains a high content of lead with a result of old pipes. However, it remained tainted water piped to homes of citizens so their poison. For information, in various cities in the United States, tap water is considered safe to drink.

Four years have gone, this crisis has not failed over. Many residents are still afraid to use tap water in the city, quoted from Engadget.

For daily needs such as bathing, cooking, and drinking, the citizens of Flint should use bottled water. In the midst of this problem, a netizen @DylanSheaMusic Twitter account via the ' add account ' Musk so her help this problem. 

Reply to the tweet, Musk promised to resolve the issue of the water crisis that occurred in Flint.  "Think of this as my commitment. I will finance the repair of the water in every house in Flint that water pollution levels above FDA standards. I'm not kidding,  "says Musk in his tweet.

This Tweet was instantly reaped the diverse reaction to netizen. Much of the praise, there are also considered Musk just bragging. As is known, the Musk this weekend also became a public discussion after sending mini-submarines to help rescue mission 12 teenagers were trapped in a cave in Thailand

Besides giving the Act amazed also invited criticism. Many who accused him only search advance and submarines sent completely useless in the rescue mission.

In fact, the Government has to plan the replacement of pipes in the year 2019 Flint. But this time, they can do just wait. Whether this time the Musk can really help? Wait for more information.


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