Facebook acquisition of AI startup from London that can process natural language

Facebook just acquired Bloomsbury AI, a startup from London. Established in 2015, Bloomsbury AI specializes in the development of language processing technology and has developed AI named "Cape" which can read documents and answer questions related to the contents of the document.

"The Bloomsbury team has expertise in making machines read and understand unstructured documents in natural language to answer questions," Facebook said in an official statement.

"Their expertise will strengthen Facebook's efforts in natural language processing research and help us to understand natural language and its use."

Facebook announced the acquisition one day after TechCrunch reported that it was in talks to acquire the AI startup for a value of up to the US $ 30 million.

In addition, TechCrunch also claims that Facebook is interested in using software made by Bloomsbury AI to counter fake news.

However, Facebook seems to be only interested in hiring the AI Bloomsbury team. Currently, it is still unknown how Bloomsbury AI operates after this acquisition as mentioned by Business Insider.


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