Facebook claims that they are sharing user data with 52 technology companies including Chinese companies such as Alibaba

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It's no secret that Facebook shares user data with device makers and software. Now, however, the social media company explains what information they provide, after the US Commerce and Energy Committee requested an explanation regarding it.

In a report on the 747 pages they submitted, Facebook explained that they are sharing user data with 52 companies, including Chinese companies such as Alibaba, Huawei, Lenovo, and Oppo.

A total of 38 agreements have expired, while 7 other agreements will expire in July 2018 and 1 in October.

There are three partnerships that will continue, Facebook said. Apple has an agreement that will continue through October, as well as Amazon.

While Tobii has a cooperation agreement for an eye-tracking application that allows Facebook to be used by ALS sufferers. Facebook will also work with Alibaba, Mozilla, and Opera, which allows Facebook notifications to show up in the browser.

Indeed, this data sharing is not always aimed at evil. However, there are concerns that Facebook shares more user data than they can share.

According to the US Federal Trade Commission, Facebook has to ask the user for permission if they want to share more information than what is allowed by the user in the settings.

Even so, Facebook says in this case, the vendors they work with our suppliers rather than third parties.


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