Facebook hires former Google engineers to develop their own chip

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Facebook employs one of the leaders of the project development of a Google chip, Shahriar Rabii, to help them develop their own processor.

Facebook announced their plans to start developing the chip in April. At that time, they made the team that can design a special chip for servers and other consumer hardware.

Rabii on Facebook will become Vice President and Head of Silicon, according to his LinkedIn profile. As mentioned by The Verge, now, many tech companies that choose to develop their own chips rather than rely on a third party such as Intel and Qualcomm.

Apple has made their own processors for iOS devices for almost 10 years. In addition, they have also been designing chips for artificial intelligence (AI) and other duties in recent years.

It was also rumored iPhone maker will start using their own chips to replace Intel processors they use on the Mac began to 2020.

Meanwhile, Amazon is also rumored to launch new projects to develop their own chip. The processor is made to help them develop AI for smart speaker Echo them.

Google makes the Visual Core chip for smartphones. And Rabii was a man who used to lead the development team. When joining Facebook, Rabii likely will not develop a new smartphone-made Facebook. Social media, however, it had some hardware that is using the processor.

Oculus launches own VR headset VR called Oculus Go a few months ago. However, the headset still relies on artificial Qualcomm processor.

The likelihood that the device will use artificial Facebook chips of its own. In addition, Facebook is also rumored to develop smart speakers such as the Echo Show.

The special chip can also use Facebook to train the AI algorithm Facebook use to track the speech of hatred, false accounts, and other harmful content.


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