In the discussion phase, Facebook is planning to bring football star Cristiano Ronaldo to make a reality show

Cristiano Ronaldo
Facebook the more the spirit of sport in the platform creating content for the sake of attracting more users. After getting the broadcasting rights United Kingdom League stream is now planning to make a reality show with the working soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Reported a Variety of pages, Facebook is still in the stage of discussions with Ronaldo. The plan of social media-made Mark Zuckerberg it's going to make a 13-episode documentary series about Ronaldo.

For the sake of this large funds pull out willingly Facebook so thunderous that Portugal agreed. In case the deal then Facebook will pay $10 million US worth of Madrid.

This reality Show will be produced by Matador media company Content and sports Religion of Sports, founded by Gotham Chopra, Michael Strahan, Tom Brady and the production company Dirty Robber.

Later this reality show about Ronaldo's future has the same pattern as the documentary series about Tom Brady called Tom vs. Time. As is known, the Tom vs. Time already debuted on Facebook Watch in January 2018. Until today 52 million times already watched.

Certainly, the documentary series about Ronaldo is believed to designate a higher audience. Remember the soccer player still playing at Real Madrid it is very popular on Facebook. Currently, himself had 122 million followers on social media.


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