Facebook stop drone Helicopter project Tether tenna

small drone helicopter
After stopping the project now Aquila, the drone is revealed when a helicopter drone project Tether-tenna they discontinued since January 2017. Tether-tenna is a small helicopter drone function replacing the mobile service tower at an emergency. These drones were stopped a few months after the projects exhibited at the F8 developer conference in may 2017.

 "Tether-tenna is a central concept of our project evaluation as we discussed at F8 past 2017. This is not something we would pursue further since we choose to divert power to the development of millimeter wave, Terragraph, and HAPS (High-altitude platform station),  "said Facebook spokesperson.

He also mentions Facebook indeed has a number of initiatives like this concept because it can be used as a learning tool for their connectivity team, through the statement of The Verge.

Tether-tenna at F8 is portrayed as a helicopter that could be connected with fiber and electrical at the disaster site, where the infrastructure had been damaged.

These drones can fly and emit a signal for hundreds of feet in the air to be utilized by victims and rescue teams.

Tether-tenna was not developed by Facebook only but they only provided antenna to the drone. While his drones made by a small startup called Everfly, which is a company of innovation research-made named Otherlab.


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