Facebook Messenger soon to allow synchronization with the Instagram

Facebook Messenger
Facebook reported the Middle test new features, aimed to encourage users of Messenger presents to using Instagram. For users who have been using Instagram, can synchronize between the two.

Facebook Messenger has allowed users to add Instagram accounts but has no option to sync them at this time. This feature is presented to replace the basic Account Instagram option that can be found in the Profile menu.

Profile menu in Browse menu, along with the option to Sync Contacts and Blocked People. After you synchronize your account with Instagram Facebook Messenger, the user receives access to the username and account Instagram colleagues in Messenger.

This feature has been available in a number of limited user accounts who have Messenger and Instagram. This indicates that Facebook is actively testing this synchronization options to find out how it works in the real world.

Time-related information is not yet available for all users the availability of social networking platforms. Based on the previous history, this feature will not be promulgated until found and shared by the user.


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