Facial recognition technology replace Passport at Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport
The international airport will test the use of face recognition technology to speed up the queues of passengers of the plane.

This technology is expected to be able to accelerate the process of check-in, baggage, access to lounges, to board a plane.

 "Your face will be a passport and boarding pass in any process of fly, " says CEO Sydney Airport, Geoff Culbert, offered from CNET.

According to him in the future, passengers no busier looking for a passport tucked in your bag because it was using a scan of the face.

Currently, Australia is already using the system to speed up the process of check-in, baggage storage, access to lounges, to go into the aircraft using a system called SmartGate. This system using facial-recognition technology in the early stages aimed at foreign tourists. To test the system, the airport said it would be working with Qantas Airways.

Chief customer officer Qantas Vanessa Hudson said the trial is expected to be able to give the experience a faster and comfortable for passengers.

This test will be carried out for a number of international flights operated by Qantas and heading to Australia.

 "Needs to offer a faster service and comfortable while in the airport is urgently needed and we are very enthusiastic with the results of tests later, " he said.

Australia Interior Minister Peter Dutton on last February says the use of scanner technology face at Canberra Airport barely a reality. 


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