10 ways to produce cool Food Photography with exceptional quality

Food Photography
Food Photography is now one of the most interesting photography types to do. For that many are looking for ways to produce food photography is cool. Because, although it looks simple it turns out that photo food with the angle and suitable techniques greatly affect customers to come.

Pictures of foods that are interesting to look at can actually invite hunger and add to the delicious when seen. So, how to create a cool food photography?

This time we will detail the reviews on how to produce a cool Food Photography. By using some of these ways, it certainly does not rule out you can use it for work or the interests of professional photography.

How to produce amazing Food Photography

1. Set Exposure

How to produce the first cool Food Photography is the lighting arrangement. In Food Photography there are two lighting namely Ambient Light and Artificial Light.

Using Ambient Light then you have to make use of sunlight or other natural light. If you have to take pictures in the room then you should take advantage of space that is easily exposed to light. The simplest way is to shoot the image near the window and prepare the reflector to let the light spread and the object is clearly visible.

Meanwhile, if you use artificial light, then you can use lighting from lights or flash. In order to get a good light, you can use softbox or diffuser.

2. Adjust the image position

The next technique of how to produce a cool Food Photography and become an important technique is the position of food or angle when shooting the food.

The position of the picture when Food Photography there are three positions ie dead center. This position is usually the most widely used so that all foods can be cupped in one frame. The second position is the rule of Thirds, this position places the object one-third of the screen. The third is Diagonal, a position is usually an object placed on the diagonal line with the help of the line on the grid on the camera screen.

3. Turn off on-camera flash

As has been pointed out in the first part that the usable lighting is flash. However, if the lighting is felt very enough, you should turn off the flash because it can reduce the effects of images to be no good.

4. Using Tripod

Food Photography
Tripod is a photographic equipment that is widely used to position the image does not shake when shooting. This tool is quite important in how to produce this cool Food Photography.

Because Food photography can also rely on Tripod to get a good picture. If with the Tripod hand will be free to determine the position of food.

5. Use the appropriate background

Food Photography

One of the coolest ways to produce Food Photography is the background. Usually, food photography takes a lot of white backgrounds because it makes the food seem striking and clear. If the photographed food has a slightly pale appearance, then you can count on a dark background both black and brown or something else.

Or you can also add some accessories that can support the look of these foods look more interesting and delicious.

6. Use a small portion of food

Everyone eats with a full portion, but in Food photography is not the case. The fewer portions of food you display in a dish, the better because the portion of food in small amounts will bring more attention to the food itself.

A small portion of food provides an interesting picture of a meal. Therefore, give enough room for the audience to look at objects from every photo of the food you make. The more components you display on your photo can complicate and make the image unclear or less focused.

Understand that, keep the simplicity of the food you want to produce to give you an interesting and amazing result.

7. Use hot food

Food Photography
Photographing using hot foods has a time limit. Take the best time possible. Then set your camera settings beforehand and make sure that props or other supporting elements are already set up.

Because if your preparation is right, then you will get a satisfactory result. If a dark background is not available during shooting, then use an additional light or reflector to provide sufficient lighting for your subject.

8. Show the basic ingredients of the food

As an ornament that makes your photo more quality, try to add the basic ingredients of the food. Like the example below, the strawberry-tasted yogurt has been surrounded with original strawberries as a visual enhancement. And the result is very fun to see because the color combination of yogurt and fruit is very harmonious.

9.  Photos while in action

Try a photo moment when there is an action being performed by the renderer. For example, grated chocolate and sprinkled on a cake. This can add a great impression to your photos.

10. Expand the exercise

If you are a beginner then exercise is also one way to produce a cool Food Photography. Any good camera that you use but do not know the features in the camera then the results are also not going to be good.

Therefore recognize the various features that exist in the camera and train to find a suitable angle for food can hone the image of your food photography becomes sharper and better.

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