Google and Facebook employees are forbidden to eat for free

Google and Facebook employee banned free meal
The tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google a lot who gave free meal make employees as one of the facilities of the Office. But it could be the offing, pleasure that was about to expire particularly in the area of San Francisco, United States.

Because, there is a proposal for a new rule which if passed, will prohibit the existence of a cafeteria or restaurant branded not in Office buildings. This is done to improve the economy of the local restaurants around the Office.

There is a possibility of a startup, for example, is allowed to make its own kitchen, but employees are required to pay for the food. As such, they may be compelled to eat out alone.

So the rise of technology companies around San Francisco indeed provides a wide array of negative impact. Including the skyrocketing home prices, severe congestion and so on. Many locals even increasingly distressed with his popular technology companies in the area.

"We are in the process of permitting new office buildings, so this is the right time to ensure civic spirit awake. San Francisco has a history rich in food,  "said Asha Safai, supervisor of San Francisco who proposed the legislation.

Because employees are eating enough at the Office, some restaurant owners complain does not benefit anything from the rise of technology companies. Anthony Myint, a restaurant owner near the offices of Twitter and Uber said employees rarely are to the restaurant.

"About eight restaurant a few blocks from here, some with chefs, all of them close and we strive to meet the needs of the living, " said he.


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