Google brings new features aimed at offering personalized recommendations and information related to interesting events

Google updates new features related to event around users
Welcome the summer, Google strives to bring the convenience of the Android user to set the schedule of events on the calendar, as well as allowing the timetable on the search feature. Previously, Google introduced a number of new ways for users to find events around them.

Now, Google is presenting the new features that are intended to offer personalized recommendations and interesting event related information.

For example, searching with the keywords  "events near me  " or "free concert " in the United States will display a list of the various sites, along with detailed information related to the event.

Site and event-related details will be displayed in the Search window, but if the event is tapped, the user will get some review information such as time, location, ticket provider and other in-depth information.

In addition, this updated version of the Search feature will also allow users to find events in accordance with their interests. Users can now be knocking tab  "For You " to accept the idea of personalized experience from a variety of things that can be done on site around them.

The event became very popular in the area around the user will also be shown on the Search window.

Google mentions that this new feature will be released in last for the next few days so that users are expected to be patient until the feature is available on their devices.

Previously, Google has just announced a new product called the Titan Security Key. Currently, the product is available to customers of the cloud and can be used for the general public within the next few months.

Titan Security Key used to authenticate login via Bluetooth and USB and is equipped with a special Google-made firmware that serves to verify its authenticity. Google also claimed that Titan Security Key provides a sense of security that your account is protected with assurance from Google will be the integrity of the physical key.


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