Google has difficulty in debating on internal forums that talk about troll-free

Room on Google
Google has difficulty in debating on internal forums that talk about troll-free or free-working environment of mock-taunting.

Google makes new regulations and says it will follow up every employee who is bullying, discriminating, attacking other employees, or engaging in discussions that may disrupt the productivity of the work environment, such as a WSJ statement.

Guidelines on this subject aim to keep Google's working environment free of all forms of mockery. This is the first rule issued by Google to arrange for internal discussions to remain under control.

Last year, Google has sacked software technician James Damore because he wrote a controversial post. The 3,300-character memo discusses the role of women who can not be as successful as men in the technology industry.

On the sanction he fired, Damore cast a lawsuit. In his claim, he claims that the reason he was fired was not that of his writing, but because he was a white and conservative man.

In response to this case, in January, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that it was not disappointed to have stopped Damore. But apparently, the issue does not stop here.

A month after the incident, Google fired another technician named Tim Chevalier. He claimed Google fired for having given a liberal-rated comment on an internal forum on Google+ social networking.

A Google spokesperson said that although freedom of debate is important to be done, as in the general work environment, Google has a policy that can not be broken.

Google encourages freedom of expression in recent years and gives its 80,000 employees a digital platform to share and debate ideas.


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