Google is fined 4.3 billion euros for being accused of monopoly in terms of using the Android operating system on the device

Google fined record US$5 billion by EU
Google is again dealing with European regulators. This time, the issue is quite serious because the European Commission considers the Android operating system is an illegal way for the company to strengthen its homemade search engine.

Therefore, the European Commission calls Alphabet's subsidiary to have a monopoly and ask the company to change the business model.

If not met, Google will be punished in the form of a fine of five percent of the average global daily income.

Estimated fines to be paid by Google reached 4.3 billion euros ($ 5 billion). According to Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, consumers should have a choice of devices they buy, quoted from the BBC.

As is known, Google now requires Android OEMs to include a number of companies, including artificial application Google Search and Google Chrome. That step now opposed the European Commission.

There are three ways of judging Vestager illegally conducted business in running Google Android. First, manufacturing Android devices are required to install the application Google Search and Chrome browser as a condition of gaining access to the Play Store.

 "Google also pays a number of manufacturers and carriers who agree to install the application Google Search exclusively on the device," he said.

Google is also considered to prevent manufacturing sells a device that is running a version of Android alternatives. How the device they are liable not to get permission to use the Android applications.

On the other hand, Vestager actually knows that Android does not prohibit its users to download an alternative browser or another search engine wear. However, there is only one percent of users who choose another search engine and 10 percent alternative browsers.

 "So users have it (the application Google Search and Google Chrome) and work, will be very few users are curious to find applications or other browsers, " he said explained.


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