Google released a video related to the workings of its newest artificial intelligence technology Duplex

Google Duplex Artificial Intelligence
Google is testing its artificial intelligence technology, Duplex, regarding the ability to order services through Google Assistant. Google also released a video that shows how Duplex works more fully when compared to Google I / O.

The video also featured Duplex reminding restaurant clerks that the place buyer was done by Duplex, not humans. This reminder will also mention that the conversation is being recorded.

In addition, the video also shows that ordering Duplex to make phone calls is as easy as calling "Hey Google, book a table for two people at Los Pollos Hermanos this Tuesday at 7 pm".

Duplex will ask restaurant clerks about the availability of a table to be ordered between 7 to 8 pm if the table is not available at the desired start time, the user canceled the order. Duplex also promises users the latest information within 15 minutes.

After the order is complete, Duplex will send a notification containing the information. However, Duplex is considered to require a number of improvements before it is officially released to the widespread user.

Meanwhile, phone calls that are considered too complicated for Duplex will be linked to human operators in Google call centers.

According to VP of Product for Google Assistant Nick Fox, currently, 80 percent of calls made by Duplex do not require the involvement of Google operators. Google is expected to further enhance Duplex call capabilities before being officially launched.


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