Google releases the third beta version of Android P and calls that the operating system is nearing its end

Android P
Google launched the third beta version of Android P and mentioned that its latest operating system is now nearing completion and will be ready for full launch in the upcoming third quarter.

In this third version, Google brings a number of fixes for bugs that have not been fixed by the second Beta version that was first released. In addition, Google also presents security updates July 2018 edition in this third beta.

Google released a number of system images for Pixel devices as well as Android Emulator. Users who use the Android P operating system on Essential Phone or via other smartphone manufacturers will receive this Beta 3 update in the coming weeks.

Previously, Google reportedly plans to explore the video game industry and are developing new services or similar devices console. Some sources claim to have received a notification from Google regarding it.

Google also released a video that shows how Duplex works more fully when compared to Google I / O. The video shows Duplex will remind the restaurant clerk that reservations made by Duplex are not human, and the conversation is being recorded.

KaiOS Technologies, the company that developed the operating system for feature phones, announced that they recently received funding from Google for $ 22 million.


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