5 How to turn off Automatic Updates on Windows 10 forcibly

disable windows 10 update
How to disable updates in Windows 10 - Microsoft has changed the location of the various settings and components on Windows 10. Most of these settings have been moved from the Control Panel to the Application Settings are simpler, and there are several others removed entirely.

Such as Windows Update, Windows Update settings have been moved from the Control Panel to the Application Settings. Although the Control Panel is indeed still existed on Windows 10 Applications, however, when the PC try that there are very many setting that disappeared and moved to the Application Settings.

In previous versions of Windows, we can choose what updates we will download and install it. However on Windows 10, now users are very limited even at all of its settings can not be changed. You can only change settings regarding how to update installed, but you cannot turn off or disable downloading the update feature directly.

However, there are still some hidden tricks we can do to turn off Windows updates on Windows 10, here's how.

1. Use Defer Upgrades

Special for you Windows users 10 Pro, you can turn off the automatic update option Defer upgrades.

Defer the Upgrade means asking for Windows 10 not to download and install the update for a period up to a maximum of 8 months.

Excess Defer upgrades, you would still be getting Windows security patches so that 10 you safe, but for updates in the form of new features and improved features would not be downloaded.

The later you stay off Defer upgrades and Check Updates.

To enable the Defer the Upgrade, open Windows Update > Advanced Options

Windows 10 Update

After that, you click Defer upgrades.

configure automatic updates policy

But remember, this option only exists on Windows 10 Pro only. For those of you, Windows user 10 Home can't do it this way.

2. Use Metered Connection

The other way is to set the connection as metered Ang connection so Windows will not download any updates until you connect to a non-metered Ang connection.

But this way can only be done by a user who uses Windows 10 WiFi connection or Mobile Broadband.

To do this simply go to Settings by pressing CTRL + I Network > & Internet

After that select the WiFi connection or Mobile Broadband you > > Advanced Options and enable the option Set as metered Ang connection.

Metered connection Windows 10

3. Turn off the Windows Update Services

In this way, Windows Update will die miserably, including updates to patch security. So make sure if you use this way, once connected to the internet so that Windows update immediately you remain secure and optimal.

To turn off automatic updates on Windows 10 with how to turn off services, just go to Services.

After that Windows Update Search > right-click > Properties

Windows 10

After that Stop Windows Update Services option and change the Startup type to Disabled.

Disable Windows Update in Windows 10

You need to know: turn off Windows Update Services can make you can not use the Store and can't download Modern Apps. The risk is borne by the user.

4. Modification Through Group Policy

This way can only be done by a Pro 10 Windows user have access to Group Policy. Just go Run with Win + R > type gpedit.msc > Enter

Then, Browse to Computer Configuration Administrative Templates Windows > > Components > Windows Update.

Then right-click Configure Automatic Update > Edit

Configure Automatic Update Windows 10

After that select, the option Enabled and change automatic updating configuration to Notify for download and notify for install > OK and Apply

So if there is an update that was released, Windows 10 will not be directly downloaded, but will instead give notification in advance.

5. How to forcibly through the PowerShell Command

This is a shortcut from the way 3, just that we make in the form of a PowerShell command so that you can access it more quickly.

To turn off the Windows Update service, simply open the PowerShell command and execution:

stop-service wuauserv
set-service wuauserv – startup disabled

To ensure the services is completely dead, check with this command.

get-wmiobject win32_service – filter "name = ' wuauserv '"

If it is dead then its StartMode is Disabled and the State Stopped him.

To turn on the Windows Update service again, simply execute this command

set-service wuauserv – startup manual
start-service wuauserv

Keep in mind that Microsoft has now put Windows 10 as a service and not the software again. Means Microsoft would routinely release updates and new features so that updates are available.

To install the latest updates, Windows update will also need 10 before. For it, if it was not because it had to, then you should not turn off Windows Automatic Update 10.

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