5 powerful ways and best resolve the iPhone battery draining fast

iPhone screen
How to fix iPhone battery draining fast - Never seen an iPhone battery, and realized you live 30 percent when the new batteries power filled?  If you are experiencing this problem, the first thing to do is to find out if the use of the iPhone is no different from the days before?

If so, it's good they don't you repeat again. However, when the use of iPhone you are sure nothing has changed, the way below might help you cope with the iPhone battery draining fast.

1. Reduce the number of Widgets in the Lock Screen

iOS 10 Lock Screen

Update iOS through 10 passing, Apple managed to make widgets display on the Lock Screen looks more interesting and informative than the previous version.

No need to open the application again or mobile phone users can get various information, such as weather, calendar, email, and much more. Even so, this widget requires the ' power ' to keep always updated.

If the iPhone battery draining you feel fast, it's good not to use widgets that you can dispose of the Lock Screen. To access the widgets from the Lock Screen, slide iPhone screen to the right and do the below:

  • 1. Scroll down on the page, tap the Edit button widgets.
  • 2. Open the mobile phone and you will find the menu Add Widgets.
  • 3. To remove widgets, tap the red circle that is in addition to the widget.
  • 4. The Remove button will appear, tap the button.
  • 5. Button-tap Done when you're done.

2. Restart You iPhone

Restart the device is the most fundamental and problem-solving is often done by users of Android or iPhone.

Though not directly solve the problem of the iPhone battery drained rapidly, this way can affect the performance of the device to make it more quickly.

3. Turn off applications that operate behind

True to its name, the application that operates the rear d does what it should do, IE refresh or update the application continuously even though the application is not used.

Although the time it takes to wait for the information in the application appears faster, in fact, it is so draining iPhone battery.

To turn it off, you can do by way of General Background > > Settings App Refresh > Sliding button Background App Refresh to the left.

4. Behind the scenes iPhone down

Background App Refresh

When you iPhone screen facing up, the screen will light up every time you get a notification. And if you receive many notifications, there is the possibility of the flame-the demise of the iPhone screen can drain battery power.

Therefore, in addition to being the most appropriate way to stop you opening and replying to any notification appears, iPhone screen flipped down can save battery power because the screen will not light up every time there is a notification.

5. Turn on the Low Power Mode

Turn on the Low Power Mode

Of all the features that are on the iPhone, the Low Power Mode is a feature that is very helpful. Unfortunately, not all iPhone users realize this feature can help the battery problem.

By turning on the Low Power Mode, it is possible the iPhone could last much longer until you find the stop contact to charge your iPhone or a power bank.

To turn on this feature, you can enter the Settings Slide button Battery > > Low Power Mode to the right.

I hope how to fix iPhone battery draining fast can help in now also to resolve the problem you are facing.

Don't forget to share it and good luck.


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