Easy way to follow someone's account on Instagram without complicated

How to follow someone on Instagram  - Following is a concept originally used by Twitter. This concept is created so that we can follow an account, after doing the following account then all the status and activities that are shared will be seen through our Timeline. So you should only follow the account that you think is important and according to your interests only.

Later, all activities of the accounts that you follow will appear to be one in the Timeline. This concept is ultimately taken by Instagram.

The difference is if Twitter's focus is to share status while the Instagram focus is sharing photos and videos. Of course, after having Instagram, you should follow various accounts to enliven your Instagram Timeline. Here's a tutorial on how to follow Instagram interesting for you to see:

1. Open the Instagram app

First, open the Instagram app on your smartphone.

2. Press the search button to start doing follow people

How to follow someone on Instagram

In the start screen, you will be taken to the Timeline. This will show the content that has been shared by the accounts that you have followed. Press the magnifying glass symbol to start the search.

3. Type the name of the account you want to Follow

Instagram search button

In the column box, type a name, then a related search list will appear.

4. Select the account you wish to Follow

Choose the account you want to follow.

5. Click the follow button to be Following

How to follow someone on Instagram

If you want to follow that account, press Follow until it turns into Following.

You have successfully performed an account. You can search various accounts owned by your friends, artists, websites, brands, news and more.

With so popular Instagram, so many people who have accounts of the application for various purposes.

The accounts you follow will be counted and recorded on your profile. Everything will be collected on the menu entitled Following which will appear on your profile. Anyone who opens your profile can access or see whoever you follow unless you are privy to your Instagram account.


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