Find out how to easily share your Wifi password with QR Code

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How to share wifi password - Sharing your personal Wi-Fi network with friends or anyone else is not too complicated. But have you ever imagined sharing a Wi-Fi network using QR code?

For some people sharing Wi-Fi, passwords are too much of a hassle because it is long and complicated. However, increasingly sophisticated technological developments allow you to share your network only through your own custom QR code.

It's an easy way to create QR code that contains a connection to your personal Wi-Fi network, via an alert from Howtotricks.

First, to create a QR Code, just click and you will go to a page that will help you to create your own QR code. Then enter the correct WiFi SSID (wireless network name or its name), WiFi password is correct, choose the type of security you use for WiFi (WEP, WPA / WPA2 or without encryption) and select a legend that you want to use QR code and click " Generate QR code WiFi ".

After filling in all the data fields, then click Generate QR Code for WiFi Password, then Share to Friends.

Then, you will be given a Link to download the finished QR code. After that, you can share QR Code images to everyone you want to share WiFi access.

Once you have a QR code and share it with your friends or neighbors, that person needs to do is download the scanner app from the Google Play Store (for Android users and users).

Then the application can be used to scan QR code. After scanning QR code, WiFi will connect automatically to the device.


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