How to turn off the vibration on the iPhone if you feel very disturbed

Vibration on iPhone
How to turn off vibrate on iPhone - Create your new iPhone user, this way might be useful. Not always vibration on the iPhone it helps, maybe for some people the vibration is often annoying.

For information, notification in the form of vibration on the iPhone is quite strong, compared to some other smartphone brands. So if for those who feel disturbed by the vibration that comes every message, notification or call, now there is a solution.

Disabling vibrations can be done in a simple way, select Settings menu, then to Sound and turn vibration into silent or ringing mode.

Keep in mind, even if the iPhone does not vibrate when receiving a call or message, the vibration mode is active in certain situations, such as the earthquake or other warnings. For more details, take a few steps in this simple tutorial.

1. The first thing to do is select the Settings menu and then to General.

2. Then select Accessibility. Then, slide slightly down until finally visible option "Vibration". Immediately press and go to the next step.

3. After that, you'll see toggle enabling or disabling vibrations. And if you want to disable, simply shifted.

However, if you feel a sudden need for vibration as a notice, especially when in a noisy place, do the same.

Good luck!


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