HTC is ready to release a mobile phone-based Blockchain this year

Blockchain Phones
The blockchain-based mobile market is still quiet will start presenting by HTC. As is known in mid-May, HTC announced that they are working on mobile phone-based central blockchain its called Exodus. Now, the Taiwan companies to schedule his smartphone that appears at the end of this year.

It was revealed by Phil Chen, Chief Content Officer of HTC. He was revealed when the price of such devices will be announced on the upcoming Quarter III. A little leakage, he admitted the price will compete with smartphone Finney, the world's first artificial blockchain Sirin Labs who appreciated the US $1,000.

 "I would like to say that the Exodus will be available anywhere outside of China. This will be even more difficult, there are in China because the country had different rules in anything, ranging from how Android works in China, "he said, are known to be from The Verge.

Although he cannot yet indulgence its specifications, Chen said that the Exodus would have feature wallet inside. Then, in the long term, he hopes to find a more efficient way in mine cryptocurrency in mobile devices. HTC is expected to be released in any official report linked it this year.

HTC Exodus Blockchain

In addition, the co-founder of HTC Vive explains that it is already working with CryptoKitties, a blockchain-based video games. In this game, players are able to purchase, maintain, and sell a variety of virtual cat, similar to a kind of trading activity on digital currencies.

That satisfactory cooperation can lead to the gamers and people who are less familiar with the cryptocurrency to turn on Exodus. According to him, the gaming sector is the most easily accessible on mobile devices.

Chen claimed that the project got attention after prices soared Bitcoin and almost touched the US $20,000 at the end of last year. Now, with so many scams and theft of the first integrated virtual currency, he ensures that the Exodus would be a device that cultivates the safest wallet.

Blockchain Prime-based phone from HTC it became the next way to increase sales. 


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