HTC decided to lay off 1,500 employees to improve their financial situation.

HTC logo balls
HTC has laid off 1,500 employees from their manufacturing division in Taiwan. The goal is to restore their finances, which have continued to deteriorate over the past few quarters. The 1,500 people that HTC fired represent 22 percent of the total workforce. This is a significant reduction. HTC seems to be trying to find a way to keep them going through these tough times.

Statement from The Verge, One important thing to remember is the 1,500 that HTC fired is not part of their design team of 2,000 people who eventually bought by Google for the US $ 1.1 billion in January.

However, the fact that HTC decided to sell most of their design team is not good news for the company.

This is not the first time HTC fired its employees this year. In February, HTC also housed several employees from their base in the United States.

At that time, HTC was restructuring to merge its VR division and smartphone division. With Google's acquisition and dismissal of its employees, it seems that HTC is trying to focus on the VR industry and is no longer trying to compete in the highly competitive smartphone industry.


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