Huawei will plant AI in series cell phone Huawei Nova and comes with four cameras

Huawei Nova 3 with Kirin 970
The technology of AI (Artificial Intelligence) or familiarly known as artificial intelligence is increasingly popular in smartphones. The goal is to make smart devices like Smartphones are increasingly sophisticated and clever again through diverse features.

Huawei is one of the vendors that are fairly consistent AI technology to immerse in their smartphone, i.e. via a standalone processor Kirin.

Surely the presence of AI technology in the processor also come to immerse AI technology features that brought by Huawei smartphones. For example, Huawei P20 Pro smartphone that a few months ago released Huawei using Kirin 970 processor.

Circulated the news that Huawei is planning a re-release of the latest smartphones with technologies similar to AI Huawei P20 Pro. This time series of Huawei Nova will present with four cameras and supported processors Kirin tech AI.

Based on the information provided, the Huawei Huawei Nova will provide the equivalent of AI traffic Huawei P20 Pro that comes from premium class, but at a price equivalent to a middle-class smartphone.

AI technology embedded in the latest series smartphone Huawei Nova's future will be made of a similar implementation that is the aspect implementation in the chipset or processor, camera, and algorithms that entirely able to improve the ability of the four cameras Huawei Nova.

Implementation technology of AI in the chipset not only increases performance but also when processing images or photos from your camera and shown to the user with a faster process.

Then, AI technology implementation in algorithms that stand on the components of the CPU and GPU help synchronize the ability both in propping up the AI features are presented.

Implementation of AI in the camera gives camera capabilities in smartphones as the eye that is able to recognize every object that the camera captured it well, for example, recognize the name of the object of the photo he saw.

Huawei still covered about the latest series smartphone Huawei Nova that uses the processor and embedded technology AI Kirin as mentioned above.

They just mention that four of the latest smartphone cameras of series Nova will be planned with Huawei camera detectors 24MP + 16MP camera and rear double 24MP + 2MP on the front. The plan of this smartphone Huawei will release at the end of July.


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