iPhone 2019 mentioned will have three cameras with AR technology support

iPhone X camera
Information about the new iPhone in the next year has pretty much outstanding. Back appeared information that mentions the iPhone will be released in 2019, will have three cameras back and support the technology of Augmented Reality (AR).

A report from South Korea to mention that Apple's "pointing to " local companies, in order to assemble and JSCK, check out the 3D-sensing camera for the new iPhone, this information from Phone Arena. Apple's Smartphone is the possibility of the iPhone is 2019.

The workings of these features are similar to the camera on the iPhone TrueDepth X, which uses infrared illumination to map and check out the face. This feature serves to unlock a cell phone or facial mimic users through Animoji.

Modules developed JSCK possibilities are using infrared, as it serves to scan objects at a greater distance.

If the development process is running smoothly, Apple is likely to forward his plans and include a three-unit camera on iPhone 2019 to support AR technology.

JSCK will compete with LG Innotek camera belonging to get  "privilege ". If successful 3D-sensing module assembles the standard Apple, then the mass production of products can be started at the end of the quarter II 2019. Apple itself doesn't promise anything to JSCK was able to prove the quality and ability.

 "Apple does not promise to use them if JSCK cannot flourish until early next year, " said an industry observer.


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