Instagram announces the presence of new features to make it easier for users to manage their feeds

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Instagram announces the presence of a new feature called You're All Caught Up, aimed at making it easier for users to manage their feeds. This feature lets users review content uploaded by users they follow.

For information, this feature also took advantage of the algorithm that launched Instagram since two years ago. This algorithm could trigger protests from users because it does not display the content in the feed page in accordance with the time sequence, but the relevance and proximity to the user.

Users can use their finger on the homepage in the app to view uploaded content, and Instagram will display a message on the screen informing them that it has been uploaded within the last 48 hours.

Additionally, Instagram users will also find uploads that have been viewed along with uploads longer than two days, at the bottom of your You're All Caught Up message. This new feature is now available on Instagram app Android and iOS versions.


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