Instagram is now launching the notification feature which marks when users are online

Instagram introduces green dot feature
Instagram is a social media application to share videos and photos, but they continued to make features that make it similar to chat applications. After the release of Direct, now that Facebook's proprietary services include notification when someone online.

Instagram new release notification that indicates someone is online and using the application. A notification is displayed in green point is placed at the bottom right of the photo user profile, known from GSM Arena.

This notification can be viewed via Instagram Direct. According to Instagram, this feature helps users to find out if his friend is active and can be contacted via text message.

 "This feature is only visible on the account-follow or other accounts ever talked through Direct, " wrote Instagram.

Just as a similar application, users can disable this feature through the settings page. However, it does not mean Instagram will switch into the chat application.

According to Instagram, this feature is intended to facilitate the user to send a message when someone was active and make conversations in real-time.

The presence of this feature requires no renewal application because done directly by Instagram. Therefore, this new feature can be used by all users.


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