Instagram which has 1 billion users known to have 95 million fake account

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Media share photos and videos, it has 95 Instagram million fake accounts. Earlier, in his report, the platform belongs to Facebook it claims to already have 1 billion users worldwide. Apparently, according to a study conducted by the research firm of Ghost Data, 95 million of the 1 billion account on Instagram is a fake.

95 million fake accounts it could have misused for spreading false news, hate speech, and political propaganda.  Ghost Data estimates, the percentage of users or bots which is Instagram falsely increased 9.5 percent this year, while in 2015 as much as 7.9 percent of the total account.

In 2015, Instagram has 300 million users. It was also, But the hosts Kevin platform that cleanses the millions of fake accounts in December 2014.

In organizing the research in question, Ghost Data using the bot to identify characteristics of the 20,000 accounts on Instagram.

This Research Institute found that fake accounts tend to follow many popular Instagram account, but upload photos obtained from other websites. In the report The Information extracted, false accounts remain rampant in social media. The problem is, the advertisers pay based on the number of follower Instagram star.


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