6 How to overcome Stuck iPhone application 'Waiting' continuously

iPhone apps waiting stuck
iPhone apps waiting stuck - Install iOS applications on the iPhone and iPad is very easy. You simply go into the App Store, search for iOS applications you want, then download. The install process will run automatically after you successfully download it.

Sometimes, those applications experiencing stuck waiting by displaying the icons of the application becomes dark. IOS applications are not downloaded or do not want to start the download process. If so, then the download process experienced a stuck loading and that won't stop. How to fix iPhone applications stuck in waiting time to install this?

6 ways that you can use to repair and troubleshoot applications iPhone stuck at waiting continuously. Read the whole thing so you better understand.

1. Download the application restart

If you managed to cancel the download process and remove the problematic application, the next best way is to try to download the application again. When you download it again, see if that application is back in trouble in stuck waiting?

If true, then just delete the application again. You can wait for a while before doing it again. If the problem still occurs, there are still a few other ways that you can try at the bottom.

2. Check the status of your Apple system

If the problem is indeed a matter of Apple server, then there is no way other than waiting for Apple to fix the problem. You can check the complete system state all Apple in Apple System Status such as App Store, iCloud and others and see if anyone is Down. Apple System Status.

3. Check Internet connection

There is no problem in the Apple App Store System Status? Maybe there is a problem in internet connection. If you are using a packet data connection, try a cellular operator you use Wifi if you can download applications and no problems stuck.

If you use Wifi, then you can try to turn off wifi and use a data connection from a mobile operator. Check whether the problem has been a stuck application that goes wrong or is still problematic.

If the application still cannot download and only displays the loading icon display applications continues with the dark, then you can try another below.

4. Update iPhone

Another way that you can try to fix this problem is to how to update your iPhone or iPad you update to the latest iOS version. the latest IOS usually has a variety of new features and also a great many bug fixes as well as the improvement of the system.

The latest iOS version is currently iOS 12.

5. Try removing the application

The easiest way to overcome iPhone applications that stuck and waiting is to remove the problematic iPhone application manually. By removing the application, then the system will cancel the process of downloading applications from the App Store.

6. Try downloading another application on the App Store

You can try to download other iOS applications on the App Store. Just download a small application to test whether there is a problem with Apple's servers or not. If another application runs normally without stuck waiting or loading, try ye the previous application.

If the application still having problems stuck and failed to download, then it's time you check the status of the existing system on an Apple. You can check periodically for a problem that occurs on the server the Apple.

If you've tried 6 How to fix iPhone applications stuck in waiting time to install this? Hopefully may already be resolved.

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