iPhone X is rumored to be in the near future will use LED panel made by LG

iPhone X
Apple in the near future is likely to use the OLED panel made homemade LG for iPhone X, as an alternative panel made by Samsung.

For LG, this will help them lower the cost of producing OLED panels, as well as speed up the process of making these panels. The so-called LG Display will supply OLED panels for Apple with an amount of 2 to 4 million units initially, and will continue to increase.

This figure is still far below the supply of Samsung OLED panel for the iPhone, which initially reached 100 million units. But in the future, Apple will reduce their dependence on Samsung.

This is done by Apple so that they are not dependent on Samsung, also so that the South Korean manufacturer did not feel the upper hand because it is the only supplier of these panels.

Previously similar reports have surfaced once LG started producing and using OLED panels in the V30. But the so-called V30 screen quality cannot compete with Samsung-made OLED panels, as well as LG's smaller production capacity.

Samsung itself in February began to reduce the number of OLED panel production, after sales of the iPhone X is not in accordance with the prediction.


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