Israel hopes to be the next countries landed on the Moon next year

Israeli company plans lunar landing next year
Israeli company plans lunar landing next year - Israel hopes to become the next state after the United States, Russia, and China is doing moon landing mission.

With the help of rocket SpaceX Falcon 9, Israel is convinced could launch his spacecraft in December this year. The Mission has not yet been given a name to this joint effort of a private company in Israel called Israel Aerospace Industries and non-profit organization SpaceIL.

This week, space shuttle team Russia announced its target to land on the moon on 13 February 2019. But they have yet to mention the exact date when the spacecraft was launched on December

It took about two months until the space shuttle can reach the goal after the launch, a report from CNET.

SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries have been raising funds for the US $88 million from private donors to fund the project during the last eight years. The launch of the spacecraft, it would be a pride for Israel which is now 70 years old.

 "This is a national achievement that will put Israel on the map of world space, " says President Morris Khan.

1.5 meters tall with a weight of 600 kg, spaceship belonging to Israel will be the smallest space shuttle has ever landed on the moon.

When landing, the aircraft will use the camera to take photos and video of the lunar surface. This technology will also measure the magnetic field of the moon on the landing using the Magnetometer.

Spacecraft Assembly SpaceIL and Israel Aerocraft Industries are to be launched into space from Cape Canaveral, Florida, the United States, as a secondary payload together with the satellite on the rocket SpaceX.


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