The Israeli army targeted fake dating applications aimed at collecting their personal information

The Israeli army has recently become the target of cyber attacks aimed at collecting their personal information. The Israeli army admitted some of its personnel received an invitation to download a fake dating app that apparently sought to collect their identifiable information after meeting someone on Facebook, quoted from Business Insider.

Narrated by the IDF that they received friendship from an allegedly fake account and mostly used a false identity as a woman.

Having intertwined the fake account conversations will invite their deceived personnel to download some apps on Google Play that are later known to be fake apps. The fake apps include Glance Love dating apps and the Golden Cup a football World Cup scoring application.

After going through a variety of searches and finding this app is fake, the IDF determined that what happened to their personnel was a cyber attack.

This attack is solely to collect personal identities of Israeli soldiers, such as contact lists and access to cameras and microphones so that their smartphones can be controlled by cyber-attackers.

Later Israel later claimed that the attack was carried out by the Hamas group to lure its personnel to download other harmful apps that would later spy on them.

Several claimed to be victims said that previously they would receive a conversation with a woman named Lina Kramer on the Facebook platform even WhatsApp.

So far there has been no response from the Hamas group accused Israel behind this cyber attack. Israel has stated it will increase the monitoring of social media use in its military circles. Some time ago the Russian military agency also applied strict supervision of its personnel not to upload content to social media while on duty.


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