Smartphone LG had owned folding screen design like without bezel

LG Foldable Phone
After Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung, and Oppo smartphone will launch called the fold next year, LG back informed would release a similar device. From page T3, it was known from the leaked document has just leaked on the internet.

Based on the patent, it appears the leak LG not only is developing a folding screen smartphone only. South Korea companies that are developing a number of important features. One of them is the screen without the bezel.

In this way, the display on the screen is wider and the connection between the two screen smartphones will become one large screen.

Not only that, LG also claims these features will be better and superior to another folding smartphone. Wrong such features is a smartphone made hinges for Microsoft Surface Book of his.

With this capability, LG smartphone this hinge will be more flexible and more powerful when used in tablet mode.

The patent also describes folding this LG smartphone comes with all-around capability would double, such as the camera, microphone, speakers, and an antenna device.

LG Foldable Phone Patent
LG Foldable Phone Patent

Unlike the ability double camera installed on the smartphone camera at this time, the device will be used though when the screen is folded or tablet mode.

Although still limited to patent, likely information or the form of folding this smartphone appears more clear again in 2019, with the rumored Samsung launches Galaxy X February 2019.


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