LG is reportedly developing a folding mobile phone design

LG electronics
LG is reportedly developing a folded design smartphone after one of the registered patent documents has been approved. This patent also indicates that the device is a regular cell phone that can be folded in the middle.

To be able to do so, this South Korean company chose to use a new hinge mechanism that allows the screen to be folded in a certain point of view. This mechanism is considered able to help avoid damage to the screen.

In addition, to prevent the device from folding on its own, this patent shows that LG inserts two magnets on the bezel of the device's screen, keeping them folded. Related to the workings of smartphones, LG patents describe a device that almost resembles a folding phone.

However, when the device is not folded, the screen will turn on automatically and will turn off when the device is folded back.

LG's folding design device is also called supported two antennas, two speakers, and two microphones, embedded below the screen and facing up and down.

The patent also displays information that LG will integrate the camera on the screen, hoping to create a device design without a bezel. Currently, there is no official information related to the planned launch of this first LG folding smartphone.

If LG continues to use its latest strategy, then the company is expected to not be in a hurry to launch its unique smartphone. LG has announced that its company will only release a new smartphone when needed, and will not release the device at the same time as its competitors.


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