LG patents a smart pen flexible screen that acts like a smartphone

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LG reported a potentially clever patented stylus to replace cell phones, thanks to two screens in his body. One small called served as a shortcut to an application, notification, and performers of the time, being the larger size screen is a flexible screen.

This smartpen patent documents also show special keys on duty to move out and get the flexible screen, so users can use a pen-like Smartphones in General when they are needed.

smart pen

This smartpen can run regular applications and can be used to surf the internet and write text messages. LG also estimated the Middle considering the idea of immersing a similar screen on a 65-inch TV that can be rolled up his work.

In addition to the display, the pen is also supported with a variety of sensors that are commonly found on modern smartphones. The sensor includes a gyro, e-compass, proximity, a pressure sensor, camera, and eye tracking. The device is also supported by the scanner the fingerprint sensor, as well as the microphone and speaker.

In addition, the patent also indicates interesting features that allow the pen to be associated with another intelligent device such as a mobile phone or tablet. Renders the text on any surface will display on the screen the device connected.

LG also rumored Middle developed smartphone design folding after one patent document listed his approval. This patent presents to indicate that the device is a regular cell phone that can be folded in the middle.

In the meantime, Apple will probably make the LG as suppliers of an alternative to OLED screen that they use on the iPhone X. By making the LG as secondary suppliers, Apple will be able to get the OLED screen with a faster and cheaper.


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