Microsoft is calling the U.S. Government discussed face recognition that can threaten privacy and human rights

face recognition
Technological developments have also had a positive impact at the same time the negative. It is also felt by Microsoft on the scanner technology face.

Face recognition is currently the more sophisticated, not only able to recognize faces and adjust with data about someone accurately but also can assess a person's characteristics, color, tribe, as well as the expression of the look on the face.

This may sound sophisticated but also vulnerable misused, particularly by the authorities. In an official Microsoft blog upload that was made a few hours ago, they filed the request in order for the Government to meet with technology companies to discuss this.

This request was written by Microsoft's President Brad Smith. He clearly mentions that the facial scanner technology threatens the protection of human rights and freedom of speech. Everyone without realizing his personal life on the monitor by the technology.

 "Imagine the Government being able to monitor wherever you go without your permission. Imagine, too, the Government can find out how often you come to a political movement to uphold freedom of speech,  "says Smith.

Smith also mentioned some examples of profiles with face recognition technology that threatens the community's private life of a country such as Minority Report " ", Enemy of the State, and " " 1984 's "who's been more negative impact example the technology.

 "The question is, what role do we want from these technologies in daily life? The scanner technology because the face is the same as the AI technology could have made a mistake,  "says Smith.

According to Smith, it is not impossible if face scanner technology is then used with the purpose of related personal interest Governments or authorities that threaten the privacy of others. So far we are still finding the more positive impact of this technology.

There are a number of points raised by Smith in the United States Congress Party is willing to discuss this. The first of the party that controls the facial scanner technology, regulations, it is used when the State uses it as a national security system, the type of legal or utilization does not violate privacy.

As well as several other important points of the individual or the community, Smith said that the public should know that they are monitored with this technology and their right to protest in a face scanner technology made a mistake.


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