Microsoft mentioned that they are currently developing an AI to prevent updates when your computer is being used

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One of the things that often make Windows users 10 upset is when the operating system has installed the updates when the computer is in use.

To resolve this issue, Microsoft launched a snooze feature. However, the user still protests that computers sometimes do a reboot when the computer is still usable. Microsoft said that they are aware of this problem.

 "We hear you and trying to solve this problem. If you have not yet installed the update, we have updated our reboot logic with a new system that is more adaptive and proactive,  "said the Insider, Microsoft Windows Chief, Dona Sarkar, as quoted from The Verge.

Microsoft said they have trained  "predictive models " to predict accurately when is the best time to do the restart thanks to machine learning.

"We're not just going to check whether you are using your computer before restarting, we will also try to find out if you just leave your computer to take a cup of coffee and will return to work in time close,  "says Sarkar.

Microsoft has been testing this feature internally and said that they had seen "promising results ". The company a software maker that continue to improve the AI model is considering cloud-based it and now, they provide those features to the Windows Insider. In doing so, they will be able to get more input.


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