Microsoft's Whiteboard application has now been released in Windows 10 and will soon be available on iOS devices

Microsoft Whiteboard app
Microsoft Works Whiteboards applications have now been released on Windows 10 and immediately available in iOS devices and sites. These applications are referred to as the appropriate tool for your creative team in a project.

The tool is claimed to allow them to keep ideas with more presentable. The application of digital Whiteboard function similar to the canvas is blank, it supports the ability to write with ink, keyboard, and handwriting, so users can take notes or draw on the Board.

This application allows the user to add and process images, as well as supporting the ability to recognize shapes and so on. Whiteboard also allows team members to add canvas to each individual from a distance.

It is claimed to be able to offer maximum mobility to any Member involved in this project. In addition after the project completed, the application will allow users to save and share it via the Microsoft cloud.

It has been available for 10 Windows devices, Microsoft also announced that users of iOS devices will soon be able to enjoy this application. Collaboration features on a Whiteboard application are also accessible through Office 365 consumer and commercial property owners of Microsoft personal account.


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