Millions of iPhone users in India are threatened will not gain access to the network

Apple iPhone X
Millions of iPhone users in India likely will not get access to the network, if Apple does not abide by the rules of the new telecommunications regulatory agency of India (TRAI). The rules require that the TRAI Apple include the application of DND to Apple iOS platform.

Either Apple nor India this regulation has been at odds for more than two years because of the application of DND.

Apple indeed does not permit the application of DND which CITES user privacy that is present on the platform, information from Hindustan Times. Meanwhile, India's telecommunications regulator instead refer this application it is important to report the calls and messages.

The problem that the application cannot be DND aspects influenced the permission of Apple there is due to the level of access that can have the application on your device.

Apple is known for having a strict privacy policy. In fact, the application of DND in Android can read SMS, call logs, and contacts.

Apple does not allow any application to read the user's mailbox. It also made a number of Android applications cannot work on iOS, one of which applications have limited function Truecaller on iPhone.

Now, India's telecommunications regulator issued a new version of the application the DND. TRAI mentions, a new application was developed from the base and is equipped with features more intelligent.

According to regulators, features smart is intelligent spam detection is (for SMS) to help users detect Telemarketers who are not registered. Just for information, the application of DND has a size of 10 MB and claimed a platform that makes it easy for users to report calls and SMS.


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