Mozilla is looking for community help to overhaul the design of Firefox

Mozilla logo
Mozilla will change the Firefox logo. To that end, they sought help from the community. This time, Mozilla does not only want to create a new logo for his browser but also change the icon of all Mozilla products offer, ranging from browser screenshot icon to VR. Mozilla has two options to upload them to consider using. Now, they're asking for input from the community-related icons they should use.

"As an icon, a Fox with a tail of fire does not offer a tool design to symbolize all of our products, " says Mozilla designers on the blog post, as quoted from The Verge.

Means, Mozilla will not simply change the color or make the image Fox became the icon become slimmer. Mozilla will create an entirely new design for Firefox.

Mozilla displays two design options. Both offer icon's "master brand " and the icon for all products under Mozilla. In addition, Mozilla also shows icons from their main browser and browser that was created with a specific purpose such as Firefox Focus that prioritizes user's privacy.

"Each icon was going through some improvement or perhaps the icon will change completely from the current duration to product launches, " says Mozilla.  "Our focus is on the system. n"

This is not the first time Mozilla remodel design of products they use. In December, they replace the icon of Firefox Quantum, making it a more bold and simple. Not only that, Mozilla is also designing its logo two years ago.


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