New iPad will be installed with Face ID and Animoji

One Twitter user named Steve Troughton-Smith who is also a leading developer of iOS apps uploaded that there were a number of changes to Apple's AvatarKit. For information, AvatarKit is the software behind Animoji and Memoji.

This so-called change has now been supported for larger screen devices like the iPad. This change is part of the iOS 12 beta, which was recently distributed to developers. In addition, this change also with support for Animoji.

This means that the new generation iPad will be powered by TrueDepth camera hardware to support Face ID, Animoji, and Memoji. Another iPhone X feature that will also be found on the iPad is gesture sweep up to access the Home page.

The presence of the swab gesture indicates that Apple's latest iPad will not be equipped with the iconic Home button. In addition, it also indicates that the latest iPad will come with a size thinner bezel and the ratio of the screen to a wider body.

Previously, the latest information related to the latest smartphone Apple iPhone 2018 appeared on the Geekbench site as iPhone 11.2. Apple's latest smartphone is called will use the iOS operating system 12, and will be supported by 4GB of RAM.

Apple is also reportedly planning to introduce a new Apple Maps for the United States next year.


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