New security features in Google Chrome is rumored to eat more memory

New security features in Google Chrome is rumored to eat more memory. As reported in The Verge, use more memory occurs on the Site Isolation in Chrome version 67.

In the official blog, written by Charlie Reis, the designer features, writing that the Site Isolation is used to protect from side-channel attacks using the Spectre of speculative execution of most of the processors to access section memory should be limited.

Spectre itself is flawed design in modern processors that allows hackers to gain access to data stored in memory. This data is considered off limits, but the method used the processor to predict the outcome of their current duty to make this data open.

The manufacturers of the hardware and software have been scrambling to fix this shortcoming since exposure to Spectre in January. Feature Site Isolation now Chrome is enabled by default. Unfortunately, it also has increased the use of RAM Chrome as a result.

 "Site Isolation caused the rendering process to make Chrome more, impacting on the performance of a performance, " wrote Reis.

At least, the memory usage will increase to approximately 10-13 percent. This increase can be significant, especially on systems with 4 GB of RAM it down.

To deal with this, Google claimed to be looking for a way out. "Our team continues to work hard to optimize this so that Chrome still fast and safe," explained Reis.


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