Nikon mirrorless cameras two releases ready at once

Nikon mirrorless cameras
Mid this year Nikon is rumored to designate released two full-frame mirrorless camera at once. According to an alert from Ubergizmo, mentions the release of Information that the camera will be performed July 23, 2018. The sale itself will be conducted one month after the date of the release.

According to the news circulated, the two cameras that will be present with one model of sport, have a 24MP sensor to 25MP, and other camera 45MP.

Size and features allegedly will follow Sony A7. In addition, there is a 5-axis in-body stabilization, continuous shooting as much as 9fps, as well as the new mirrorless mount. The price of both is estimated to range from the US $3,000 to the US $4 thousand.

With the appearance of two new cameras is Nikon wanted to improve their mirrorless product line sales. Because the company was still less well compared to its competitors such as Sony reserved a small camera and portable products.

The outstanding news they will change the way to approach the camera market. It seems that one way the mirrorless camera with two ready released it.

Nikon's own party still not confirm whether the two cameras that will be released as a full frame mode.


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