HMD Global reportedly will launch Nokia X6 outside China

Nokia X6
Although there is no denying the HMD Global Plan launched the Nokia X 6 outside the Chinese market, some of the leakage current and the poll in other company Twitter account said.

The company will launch a series of Nokia X 6 in various countries in the world. Only the smartphone would not be named, but the Nokia X 6 Nokia 6.1 Plus. A source in the company said, Nokia this Plus 6.1 will Skate first in Hong Kong on 19 July. Followed by other countries.

They also mention Nokia 6.1. Plus will operate using Android 8.1 (Oreo). Although there has been no official confirmation from the company, it is not surprising when the leakage of information proves to be true in the future.

Information, concerning the HMD Global, announced the launch of Nokia X 6 in may 2018, likely the launch of Nokia 6.1 Plus it will slide in the near future.

Although there has been no leakage of information on Nokia hardware 6.1 Plus, the Nokia X 6 is Nokia's first smartphone brings the notch.

In addition, the smartphone features a dual-capable camera and 5MP camera, 16MP selfie 16MP, 19:9 screen ratio.

Nokia x 6 comes with use of octal-core processor Snapdragon 636, 6 GB RAM, 64 GB internal memory, and battery capacity of 3, 060mAh.

While coasting in China, Global selling smartphones this HMD with a price range of $194 to $263. If so launch the Nokia 6.1 Plus, chances are that smartphones would be sold with a price range that is not much different.


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