Offender-based World Cup gambling Cryptocurrency arrested in China

Chinese authorities are reported to have captured six of the perpetrators behind the illegal gambling action for 2018 World Cup. The action is considered illegal because the perpetrators make use of cryptocurrency which is not regulated by the Government of China. The perpetrators managed to raise 10 million yuan or about $1.5 billion USD in the form cryptocurrency, was known from the SCMP.

This platform is also running in the dark web so it cannot be accessed through a search engine. After the arrest, local police immediately freeze the assets of the principals in the bank and confiscated the entire accumulated virtual currency.

Local police call for eight months, successfully prosecuting the perpetrators of 330 thousand registered users from a number of countries.

 "The perpetrators also outsmart include manipulating the opportunities of the members, so that small possibility the participants to be able to win the bet, " said the police.

They also built a team that consists of more than eight thousand agents. They were tasked to search for new members by using a pyramid scheme and will get a Commission when it succeeded in recruiting new members.

Add your insights to the Chinese Government, since September of last year was already closing the transaction cryptocurrency in the country. The activities of the initial coining offerings have been banned, including the cryptocurrency-based fundraising.


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