Old Tweets make Guardians of the Galaxy director fired

James Gunn
Be careful with you guys for in social media. Even when it's been erased, however, the digital trail can still be found and can bring misfortune in later life as experienced James Gunn.

Director, the Guardian of the Galaxy and the Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 was fired after his old tweets in your account @JamesGunn revealed.

The other side of the personality of the Gunn has revealed in a series of Tweets posted her several years ago. Tweet tweet-this collection of, among others, posted by @JackPosobiec account. In a tweet that the Director never joked about the controversial topic regarding pedophilia and rape, quoted from CNN.

Gunn also knew as a critic of President Donald Trump the vocals. This behavior is not acceptable by Marvel and Disney which hired him. They also issued a statement.

 "Attitude and statements revealed in Twitter James could not be defended and not in accordance with our values. We have decided the business relationship of cooperation with him,  "stated Alan Horn, Chairman of Walt Disney Studios. 

Gunn ever responded to her dismissal and commenting on the various tweet ever appearing again. 

"Many people who followed my career knows that in his early career, I see myself as a provocateur and often making movies and telling jokes is rough and taboo. And I've often discussed, as my personal development, as well as the paper and my sense of humor, "he said.  

 "I can't say that I am now better. However, I have now is very different from a few years ago. I am currently trying to work with love and reduce anger,  "said he too. 

Gunn's remorse may come too late and will not change things. At the very least, Gunn became the example of another lesson that is very important to be careful of any share in social media. 


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