Amazon ready to open the package delivery service to the moon on 2023

Jeff Bezos
Blue Origin, a company-owned space Jeff Bezos of Amazon's founder, who also sought to send humans and providing delivery service of packages to the moon on the slowest of the year 2023.

The ambition stated in the project Blue Moon, as preached GeekWire, starting with building a spacecraft or a spacecraft that is capable of landing on the moon.

Director of business development for Blue Origin, AC Charania, says that his side is developing the ability of the moon landing which could be utilized by the country or organization customers from anywhere, to land a package weighing up to one ton to the moon.

 "A permanent Human Settlement on the Moon's surface would certainly need this ability, " said Charania.

The Moon is indeed so perhaps many countries on Earth. United States, Japan, and Europe, for example, are planning on building a satellite base on Earth. China and Russia not to be outdone.

To do a development outside of the Earth, of course, it will take material from the Earth and if the settlement was already completed, service delivery from the Earth to the Moon is certainly still needed the first man on the moon.

Charania also indicated that it is currently seeking partners from Government, especially from the United States Space Agency to realize that ambition.


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