Parent company Google, Alphabet, Announces Q2 earnings report the year 2018 is better than predictions

Sundar Pichai
Parent company Google, Alphabet, announced second-quarter earnings report this year, with the share price of USD10,58 per shares. These values are higher when compared with Wall Street's predictions of USD9,52. The previous revenue worth USD11,75 per shares, before the Alphabet known fine of USD5 million by the EU Competition Commission on last week.

The EU recalled that by demanding Android phone manufacturers install certain Google applications, Google has violated anti-trust regulations.

Google also has income from investments valued at USD1,1 billion which are not listed in the final income figure Alphabet. In addition, the operating profit value Alphabet reached 24 percent, an increase of 22.5 percent from may in which he encountered in the previous quarter.

In addition, Phone Arena is also reporting that the Alphabet earn income amounting to USD32,66 billion in the second quarter, beating analyst predictions of this amounted to USD32,17 billion.

The value of USD28,1 billion, or 86 percent of the figure generated by Google's online advertising business.

Over the last two quarters of this year, Google also reported issuing costs less to acquire traffic on the basis of year-over-year.

This achievement earned Google the first time in three years and has become the main purpose of Google to lower spending and increase revenue.

Another reason for the decline is that Google is now in the second year of the contract over the next few years as the default search engine on the iPhone. Most of the cost of the contract is given at the start, Google is expected to reduce its expenditure and increase revenues.

The stock price was also reportedly reached the Alphabet of the highest value, and now has a market share worth USD875 billion.

With funds worth USD50 billion, the Alphabet is closely USD5 billion from Amazon and USD66 billion from Apple, in the competition to become a public company worth a trillion dollars, the first in the world.


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