Personal account hacker Selena Gomez threatened 9 years in prison

Selena Gomez email hacking
A woman who allegedly was the private property of the files hackers Selena Gomez threatened punishment lack for nine years. The woman named Susan Atrach is alleged to have been paved private files through email belongs to Selena Gomez, information from Softpedia.

After the file, he could rip off his double, then disclose it to the public website without permission. Atrach that have caught ever tried in a court in Los Angeles.

The woman was also charged with five felony identity theft, five crime data accessing and using a computer to commit fraud, and one count of the felony for taking documents without the permission of Selena Gomez.

Crime more sib's famous with the name of The Fappening this Saga, it involves a lot of famous artists and names occurred repeatedly between June 2015 until February 2016.

Prosecutors also set a guarantee of US $ 250 thousand for this case. Hacking and stealing private files owned by celebrities has become a pleasure for cybercriminals in cyberspace.


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